CES Using Public Input in New Strategic Plan

The Central Emergency Services Fire Department held their final public meeting last night, as the fire department is developing a new strategic plan. We asked CES Safety Officer Brad Nelson, what the next step in the process is….


Nelson: “Right now, as you’ve been reporting, we’re in the middle of the budget and negotiations there’s a whole bunch of cogs moving right now at the same time. What we’re hoping to do with the information from off these meetings, building that into our budget, look at future purchases, which directions we need to go. After all the budget and everything is done, we’re going to look at formulating our strategic plan down on paper, and getting that new one as I said. The original one was done in 1996, and it’s been updated each year, but it’s time to formulate our new one.”


This month, CES met with community members in all areas of the Central Emergency Services area.

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