CES Urges Home Heater Safety as Cooler Temps Set In

Central Emergency Services is encouraging residents to take steps now to prevent fires.


Fire Marshall Gary Hale said to consider…


Hale: “Forced-air heating system, where it comes on and blows the warm air into the house. Those have filters in them, so if they get clogged, they’re inefficient, we could have problems with those kinds of systems.”


He said portable space heaters are also a concern.


Hale: “In our business, portable space heaters need space, like 36 inches from any type of combustible, and we’re seeing people that also are plugging it into extension cords. If you read the recommendations per the manufacturer, you also find out it’s not recommended. These put out, generate a lot of heat in them, but it also takes a lot of electricity. So, you need to inspect those prior to using them if you purchased it the previous season.”

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