CES: Shifting Weather Brings Ice Fall Danger

As the changing weather conditions continue, local responders are working to get the word out about keeping your home as safe as possible with the changing conditions. Central  Emergency Services Safety Officer, Brad Nelson…


Nelson: “We’re into the season where we have warmer days and colder nights, and what’s happening, what happened last year several times actually, is we’re having ice chunks starting to slide off of roofs. Problem being is, these chunks are hitting the gas meters on houses creating gas leaks. We wanted to warn people about that, if there’s anything they could do to kind of proactively take care of that situation before it happens, you know, take care of the ice on the roof or anything, it would be advisable.”


Nelson said, if this is to happen, to call 911 immediately and evacuate the residence…


Nelson: “Never know where that gas is going to pool, it could get taken in the wind, how the house is built, and these spaces where gas can pool could, and if it reaches an ignition source it could cause a problem. So we want to have everybody evacuate the area, call 911. We will contact Enstar, get the gas company coming out, we will come out, and we’ll take care of the problem from there. They defiantly shouldn’t try to fix it themselves, and they defiantly shouldn’t stay in the area.”

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