CES Responds to Soldotna Residence Fire

Central Emergency Services responded to a report of a residence fire near Pioneer Drive in Soldotna around 2:15 this afternoon.


Brad Nelson with CES said crews were on scene within five minutes and had extinguished the fire within 15.


Nelson: “They were successful at keeping it inside the bedroom of origin. After getting the fire out we did go into investigative mode. After talking with the occupants and looking at the damage we were able to say that the area of origin was inside that bedroom and the most likely cause was a candle that was knocked over.” 


Nelson said that the occupants tried to fight the fire on their own at first.


Nelson: “This could have been worse in the fact that they tried to fight the fire in the house before they gave notification to us and of course we stress that over the years, give us a call first, get us en route.” 


The damages are estimated at around $2,000 and one female occupant was taken to Central Peninsula Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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