CES Receiving Positive Feedback from Community Meetings

As we’ve reported, the Central Emergency Service Area Fire Department has been holding a series of public meetings, aimed at having two-way conversations with the community as the department is developing a new strategic plan. We got an update from CES Safety Officer Brad Nelson


Nelson: “Last night we had meeting five of six here in Soldotna, so far our biggest turn out, with about 15-2-0 people was actually Funny River road. Each meeting, so far, we’ve had a a couple of people at each one.  The comments that have been coming back have been positive, we’ve had some very productive and intriguing questions, such as response times, vehicle acquisitions, future plans, some very thought out questions that have been coming in. We do have one meeting left, and that will be at the K-Beach Station, Station 4, and that’s going to be tomorrow night at 7:00pm.”



Nelson also outlined some of the items of discussion..


Nelson: “One of the issues out at Funny River was talking about response times. Difficulties finding locations, we talked about the fact our mapping system is getting a little dated, we’re trying to build ourselves up into the current technologies, it’s expensive and takes a couple years to get accomplished. So that was one of the big issues. We’ve also had discussions on some newer vehicles, newer engines we’ve got to replace some of our older stuff. ISO ratings and insurance ratings have been topics, with the new stations we’ve been building and new  equipment, is that going to affect insurance. And of course it will. We’re going to try and get ISO back out here and reevaluate us with some of our new acquisitions. So we’ve had some really good discussions with the public.”


Once again, tomorrow’s meeting will be at the K-Beach Fire Station from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

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