CES Knows More About the Cause of the Soldotna Explosion


More is now known about yesterday’s home explosion in Soldotna. CES Safety Officer Brad Nelson said, this morning, investigators are getting closer to determining the cause.

The two men have been identified as 51-year-old Frank Hopper and 47-year-old Ken Griffith. Both are from Soldotna. Hopper is the owner of the home, and Griffith is a friend who was helping Hopper repair the home from recent flood damage. Hopper and Griffith were injured in the explosion, and were transported to Harborview Burn Center in Seattle for treatment.

This morning, a spokesperson for Harborview said Hopper remained in serious condition in the Intensive Care Unit. She said it would be a few days before doctors would be able to determine the seriousness of his burns. She said Griffith was in satisfactory condition at Harborview.

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