CES Crews Battle Second Trailer Fire in Two Days

Crews with Central Emergency Services were called out again this morning to the report of a trailer fire, the second such call in two-days. We spoke to CES Safety Officer Brad Nelson on scene…


Nelson: “So about 6:45 this morning, we got dispatched out to residence on Delta, which is off of the Kenai Spur, about a mile in, for a report of a mobile RV on fire. Got on scene, discovered a mobile home that was fully engulfed in flames, and also right next to it within a couple feet was a fifth-wheel pull behind trailer that was also on fire. Both of them were being lived in at the time, all occupants have been accounted for and there are no injuries. We just got done fighting the fire, the fire is now out at this point. We will be investigating for quite a while. Preliminary information that we’re getting, is that it might possibly be an overturned kerosene heater that lit on fire, but as I said, we’ll learn more though the investigation.”


Nelson told us that both structures are considered total losses.

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