CES: Clocks Not the Only Things Change This Weekend

This weekend, as you change your clocks to mark the beginning of  Daylight Savings time, CES Safety Officer Brad Nelson told us that there are other things to change this weekend as well. ..


Nelson: “We use this opportunity, twice a year, to remind everybody when you change your clock; you change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Unfortunately, there’s a high percentage in the United States, of fire fatalities that occurred that we find out that there we no working smoke detectors in the house, smoke detectors might be there but the batteries are ether not there or dead. So it is a working smoke detector that we’re looking for. So with daylight savings time, we ask that people when they change their clocks, they change their batteries and when you’re changing them, you test them at the same time. Simply by pushing that button and make sure they go off.”

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