CES And Kenai Police Say Drive Cautiously On Slick Roads

Following heavy snow last night and freezing rains into this morning, local roadways have been left slick and dangerous.


We spoke to Brad Nelson with Central Emergency Services with some tips to keep you safe.


Nelson: “We are getting reports of severe weather that’s going to be coming in this weekend, Chinook winds are going to  bring some warm temperatures, so during the day we’re going to be seeing some snow and possibly rain mixed, at night could potentially be freezing and freezing on top of the already icy roads so if everybody could please remember to slow down, leave a big buffer space between the vehicles in front of you and drive defensively, watch for people driving through intersections  and not being able to stop. The defensive driving lessons from back in school are alive and well this weekend.”


We also spoke to Sgt. Ben Langham with the Kenai Police Department who said there have been too many vehicle accidents this winter season.


Sgt. Langham: “This time of year we’re experiencing a spike in car crashes due to things like moose near the roadway, short daytime hours and slick roads. Please remember to give yourself enough time to get where you’re headed and leave sufficient distance between your car and others it also might be a good time to check your winter tires to make sure you have enough tread to get a good grip.”

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