Central Borough Candidates Faced Off Yeserday

Yesterday at the Kenai Visitors Center, along with the Soldotna Borough candidates on panel, the District 7 Central Borough Candidates were thrown questions on the important issues being faced in their district.


Incumbent Brent Johnson, Travis Swanson and Damon Yerly were given a chance to speak their mind on the current issues within the borough.


Afterwards we asked them all the same question, “what motivates you to run”?



Brent Johnson: “Because people asked me to run, I’ve watched my involvement in various groups over many years, fishing organizations, planning commissions and I see that I’m effective and so I wan’t to continue to be effective for the voters in District 7″.


Travis Swanson: “Property rights and taxation, going from $20,000 to $50,000 on the exemption I assume is going to pass because who doesn’t want more money, if that passes we need some conservative people on the borough assembly to take a really good look at the budget so property rights and government accountability”.


Damon Yerly: “Basically my motivation is I want to make things better, I want to make things stay Alaskan, stay the way they were 15 years ago where we can do what we want to do where we can make the changes to our property the way we want to make them and my kids can grow up Alaskan, that’s why I’m here”.


We also asked all three candidates how they feel they differ from their opponents.


Brent Johnson: “Certainly the anadromous stream protection act I think that’s important, I think its important to have future salmon runs and I believe I made a difference with it. I think that if I’m elected the system will stay and if I’m not elected the 2118 code to protect fish will go away”.


Travis Swanson: “The person who holds the seat currently Brent, voted for the fish ordinance I oppose that, he is not in favor of term limits, I am in favor of term limits as he stated here today somebody else has to pay if people get to keep more money, I don’t agree with that philosophy I think that if people get to keep more of their own money the government needs to be accountable and spending less so there are three major differences that I differ in the person that I’m running against”.


Damon Yerly: “One of the big things that everyone’s talking about is the stream ordinance and I think that property rights is a big thing, property rights, personal responsibility all of that stuff is really big to me we should be able to take care of our own stuff and I think that the legislation they’re putting forward is kind of like what people are trying to do with gun control, they’re trying to do something because it sounds cool but its not fixing the problem we have, the problem we have is much bigger and different than what they’re trying to fix its not going to do what its intended to do”.

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