Catie Quinn

Catie started working in the KSRM News Department in September 2012. You can most commonly hear her as the afternoon News Reporter on KSRM 920AM after 1pm.


Yes, she is Australian, though genuine Aussies have wagered she’s a fake.


Catie first came to the USA in 2006, looking for a change from her small-town life in rural Australia. Who’d have thought she’d find just what she was looking for here in small-town rural Alaska?


For several years Catie lived summer to summer, flying back and forth between AK and Oz, but eventually settled on the Peninsula after her parents decided they loved this place as much (or perhaps more?) than she did.


Answers to Common Questions About Australia:


Do Australian Celebrate Thanksgiving/Fourth of July/Presidents Day?

Nope. But Australia Day, January 26th, is a wonderful time of backyard barbeques (lamb, not shrimp), pool parties and swarms of blowflies.


Do toilets really flush the other way?

No. No, no, no. Did I mention ‘No’?


Does Australia Still Pay Taxes to England?

No, but we do still regard the Queen as our Monarch. There have been several referendums in the country to vote on becoming a Republic, but because of confusing working, the latest one (in 1999) was shot down.

In general, Australians tend to be fairly easy-going, so we’re content to remain part of the Commonwealth. A change would mean developing a new currency, flag, and state symbols, and would exclude us from the Commonwealth Games (which Australia wins most of the time). So there are convincing reasons to leave things as they are.

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