CARTS Vote Idea Shot Down by Assembly

The Borough Assembly met last night, and held a debate over whether or not to have the future of funding for the Central Area Rural Transit System, or CARTS to a vote of the people.

Assembly Member Brent Johnson of Clam Gulch  sponsored the the legislation…


Asm. Johnson(Clam Gulch): “ I had eight assembly members vote against it, and in my world, that means it must not have been a very good idea.”


The assembly did hold a lengthily debate on the issue, we asked Johnson about the feedback from his colleagues on the assembly…


Asm. Johnson(Clam Gulch): “ Some were dissatisfied that I had picked CARTS out by itself, they wanted to add all the non-departmetnals on for a vote. Others just thought that they supported CARTS and liked CARTS and didn’t want to cut funding for it.”

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