Carmichael Marks 20 Years With Soldotna

Soldotna’s Parks and Rec Director Andrew Carmichael has been with the City nearly as long as the Sports Center he was hired to run. This month marks 20 years for Carmichael on the job…


Carmichael: “When I got here, I was the Director of the Soldotna Sports Center, with a 7 1/2 month ice season, that’s all we were open, predominantly. We had a little bit of stuff going on in the summertime, so we would lay all the employees off in the summer except for me and the maintenance dude. And then a few years later, we added the campground operations, bringing some of the money from the campgrounds into the City, as well as allowed us to keep employees year-round.”


Carmichael said the switch helped establish consistency in the department and enabled them to take on additional duties.


When he looks to the future, the Sports Complex remains priority #1, with expansions and renovations in the works…


Carmichael: “And then of course, my corny Norman Rockwellian skating loop, skating path I want to put over at Soldotna Creek Park. A big tinny speaker, you know, like on the Lifetime network.”

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