Caring For The Kenai Sees Diverse Projects

After 23 years of running Caring for the Kenai, Merrill Sikorski said he’s still surprised by the ideas students develop to take care of their environment.


Sikorski: “Every year, the uniqueness of the ideas, I mean pretty soon you would think, ‘What more can you do for recycling or to prevent moose kill or to get solid waste or to habitat restoration,’ and yet we have things this year that literally I have not seen in 23 years. It’s really exciting what these kids come up with.”


12 finalists have been chosen from Kenai Peninsula Borough high schools, and they’re now competing for over $28,000 in cash awards. The final oral presentation will be held on Thursday, April 18th at the Kenai Central High School Little Theatre from 6pm.


Sikorski: “These 12, when they are notified, will have between now and then to take their projects to another level.”


The identity of those 12 finalists is still under wraps. For more, visit Caring for the Kenai.

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