Carey Discusses Bid for Soldotna’s Top Office

As we’ve reported, the special mayoral election in Soldotna is just over one month away, and there are two candidates seeking the office of Mayor. Former City of Soldotna and Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Dave Carey, and former Soldotna City Council member and School board member Dr. Nels Anderson.

Carey appeared yesterday on KSRM Sound Off…


Carey: “Well I certainly want to promote the employees of the city. Again, I feel very strongly towards the work they do and I don’t question that the caller that mentioned not plowing the side walk believes that’s the case, I want to speak and say that I know there’s a great job done in the city of Soldotna. There are some many people who use out sidewalks 12-months of the year, and they work so hard to get them plowed and clear. We have excellent city employees.”


The special election will be held on April 2nd.

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