Candlelight Vigil For Homelessness Held Last Week

Posted: November 12, 2013 at 7:04 am

A candlelight vigil for homeless youth and families was held last Thursday, November 7th at Farnsworth Park in Soldotna to help raise awareness about the reality of homelessness on the central Kenai Peninsula.


We spoke with Pegee Erkeneff about the vigil.


Erkeneff: “Its always really meaningful to gather and just listen to the realities and you know when its really freezing cold outside it makes you even more aware of how cold it is for people that are homeless and really have nowhere to go at night to sleep. There was about 40 people there from little babies to elders and families and good talks and good speeches from everyone that was there as well.”


The last homeless census taken showed In the Homer area, 28 individuals were identified as homeless and 58 individuals were reported in the Kenai area.

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One Comment to “Candlelight Vigil For Homelessness Held Last Week”

  • Mary says:

    Homeless youth? Where are the parents and why are they not being arrested. I am so sick of abusers bringing babies into this world. Can’t they use a condom when they have sex or are they to screwed up to. It angers me, right at this moment I know two girls, both under 20 who are pregnant and addicted to meth. go figure, if a person cannot take care of themselves, its impossible for them to care for a baby. Oh but, they can get welfare!! Oh geese I forgot.