Candidate Bill Walker Talks Oil, Fish

Independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker was a guest on KSRM’s Sound Off this morning; he’ll also be speaking with citizens at a meet and greet tonight 5-7pm at Paradisos.


Walker has been outspoken when it comes to Governor Parnell’s oil tax overhaul…


Walker: “I’m not a fan of senate bill 21 and the reason for it is again we really got nothing back from across the table there were no commitments we just pushed an equivalent of  $40 billion across the table and really said nothing about what we were going to get from that, there’s a lot of hope and a lot of speculation and its going to be very difficult to sort out whats going to be done that would have been done already, what’s already in the queue, what’s new oil what’s not new oil, there’s a lot of unknowns.” 


He said adjustments to ACES would be more appropriate than starting from scratch.


However, Walker says he’s not a one-issue candidate. For Kenai Peninsula residents, he touched on fishing issues….



Walker: “I believe it was last year that we had a group here that basically had no fishing days here at all so that’s a concern. I want to make sure and the Constitution is pretty clear that we manage our resources for sustained yield and not for maximum political return and we’re making decisions based upon I think politics more so than what’s best for the fish and the science.”

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