Candelight Vigil to Be Held Tonight

Members of the community have come together to organize a candelight vigil tonight in rememberance of those affected by last Friday’s Conneticut shooting. From 5 to 6pm, the vigil will beheld in Leif Hansen Memorial Park, next to Arby’s in Kenai.


Robyn McLaughlin shared some of the details…


McLaughlin: “We’re gonna’ have individual sympathy cards. You can just fill one out, stick it in the box and tomorrow those will be mailedo ut to Conneticut to get to those families, let them know that we are thinking of them. Also, refreshments are provided. We’re going to have some prayer. Lots of candles. We’re going to have some music, and we have white satin ribbon. Also, we have greens atin ribbon, too, to wear in rememberance. Also, this has all been donated by local businesses here in Kenai.”


McLaughlin said organizers not asking for any donations; they simply want to offer a memorial for those coming to terms with what’s happened.


McLaughlin: “I think a lot of us, um, are just heart-stricken. When we send our children to school, we think of that being as a safe place for them, and our small town has really been affected by this. I know a lot of people in the community have come forth with crying over this and a lot of prayers are going out to the families, and I think that it’s so close to Christmas, that’s really made a huge impact, so I’m hoping that we have a huge turnout and I hope a lot of people will just take time, even if it’s 10, 15 minutes, to come and just sign a card and let us send it off and let them know that we might be many, many miles away, but we are thinking of them.”

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