Business Owner Laments Changing Community

Posted: August 15, 2013 at 6:54 pm

We recently reported on the theft of $1,000 worth of items from the Soldotna boutique Chez Moi. Owner Tammy Davis said one of the first places she turned was the Facebook page Kenai Peninsula Crime, after learning about a friend’s truck on the page.





Davis: “I wanted people to be aware, so yeah, I was kind of thankful that group was on there, because I think, to me this kind of (with everything else that’s going on) kind of showcases an escalation of theft and behavior that I find very worrisome in the community.”

Davis said it wasn’t the loss of the physical items that hit her hardest, it was the loss of trust…


Davis: “We don’t really know how to handle this. This isn’t something… you know, we live our lives in a certain way on the Peninsula, and we take that for granted and right now it’s kind of shaking the foundation.”


The Facebook group is continuing to meet at Froso’s in Soldotna. Their next gathering is set for August 25. You can download the flyer here: Kenai Peninsula Crime.

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2 Comments to “Business Owner Laments Changing Community”

  • northernshrike says:

    Cameras and signs that you are being recorded will help. The many thieves now know you are a easy target and they will be back for more.

  • Jeff says:

    If they come to take from me I hope they make themselves and easy TARGET!