Burn Suspension to Continue For Sometime

Fire conditions are continuing to stay high across much of the Kenai Peninsula. We got an update from Fire Prevention Officer Darren Finley with the State’s Forestry Office…


Finley: “Currently we have a burn suspension in place, and that is specifically to open debris burning, which would tie into yard burning, people out there raking their leafs, burning small slash, that right now is a really dangerous situation, that we’re not allowing to happen. We have forecasted, a very high pressure coming to sit over the area, so this suspension will be in place for a while.”


Finely, however, did say that small recreational campfires, under three-feet by three-feet are allowed, but there are some safety measures to be aware of…


Finley: “Even a small fire can turn into a big fire, and the most common thing that I’ve seen in my career is people not extinguishing their fire after they’re done with. It needs to be cool to the touch before you walk away.”

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