Burn Suspension Lifted as of 10am

The State Division of Forestry is lifting the Burn Suspension as of 10:00 a.m. this morning.  Fire prevention officer Darren Finley


Finley: “With current and expected weather conditions we are lifting the burn suspension for the Kenai Peninsula. Now’s a good time to catch up on any yard debris burning if you need to get rid of that. If you have any questions please call the Kenai /Kodiak area office, number is 260-4260.”


Finley said that even though the suspension is being lifted, there are measures to take to stay fire safe…


Finley: “Burn Permits are required between April 1st and August 31st, to obtain those burn permits you can do so online, or come into the office here. Please adhere to the terms of that burn permit, no burning during windy conditions, and have adequate water on site, and clearance around your pile.”

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