Burglar Caught Red-Handed

Posted: October 31, 2013 at 8:01 am

Residents on the peninsula have been banding together since a rash of thefts last summer, to increase neighborhood security and put pressure on thieves. Former police officer Tom Bearup has been heavily involved…


Bearup: “We’re a family. We’re a tight-knit family on this peninsula, and it just appalls me whenever people write the things that they are about being in fear, people coming into their yards, stealing their trucks, their vehicles, and we’re not catching them.”


The group turned to a focus on neighborhood watches and home security systems. Seems the focus has paid off as an alleged burglar was caught red-handed on Monday evening of last week.


Soldotna-based Troopers and Soldotna Police responded a little before midnight on Monday, October 21, to a report of an active burglary int he View Lane area of Soldotna.


27-year-old Soldotna resident Jason Owen was apprehended at the scene and taken to Wildwood for charges of Burglary 1 and Criminal Mischief 3. Alcohol was not a factor. Owen was held without bail.



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4 Comments to “Burglar Caught Red-Handed”

  • Steve Wright says:

    Thur 10/31/13 YES We CAUGHT ONE ! It’s about Time !

  • northernshrike says:

    Now the DA and judge need to do ther job and keep him behind bars for awhile.

  • Caught Oe says:

    The key factor was an alarm/security system that actually worked this time. Many types of security alarms are
    Available. My favorite allows the monitoring from your smart phone as well as an attended service.

  • Jeanne says:

    He’ll be out in no time. Our courts suck!