Budget Wins No Praise From Congressional Delegation

This afternoon, Alaska’s congressional delegation unanimously disapproved the President’s  Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 Budget.


All three commented that budget was “too little, too late,” since it was originally due in February, and still leaves the country with annual deficits.


Rep. Don Young said, “it appears to be more of the same tax and spend agenda we have seen from President Obama over the past four years.  If it didn’t work the first four times, why would it work now?”


The Congressman said there were other versions of the budget which would have cut waste and strengthened Medicare and veterans’ benefits, unlike this version. He said “we cannot cut or spend our way to prosperity nor can we tax our way to budget surpluses.”


Senator Lisa Murkowski added “Everyone in the country realizes that the current financial path we are on is unsustainable, but the President’s budget would increase our spending by $170 trillion in the first year along. So while the administration claims to be laying out a 10-year plan to reduce spending in the long run, they’re passing the buck – trillions of bucks, actually – to whomever sits in the White House next.”


Senator Begich rounded out the trio, saying “It doesn’t go after the real issues I hoped we would address like waste and fraud – issues I hear about from Alaskans about on a regular basis.”


The state’s junior Senator pointed out the elimination of incentives for oil and gas exploration in Alaska—an industry that is critical for the Alaska economy and insisted there is a way to further strengthen Social Security.

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