Buccaneer Waste Facility Moving Into the Neighborhood

The Kenai City Council this week will consider a 30-year lease of airport land outside of the Airport Reserve to Buccaneer Alaska, effective November 1, 2013. It’s the latest in a string of developments for the aggressive new company, which is – in an unrelated project – finding an alternative disposal method since their usual AIMM Technologies disposal site is currently unavailable.


Last week, City Council members considered Buccaneer’s request to solidify drilling mud in Kenai and truck it to the KPB Landfill. The City added the stipulations that Buccaneer construct a paved apron at the facility to protect the road from the increased truck traffic, and that soil testing be conducted at the completion of the temporary activities.


Councilman Brian Gabriel Sr. shared his concerns…


Morakis: “October 31 is in the oil and gas world is your drop-dead date, if you will, especially for that area of the Inlet, because it potentially starts to freeze over, ice over, and then you can’t drill. They decided then, rather [than] to drill on Southern Cross, they decided to move the rig to Port Graham, which it is now at Port Graham, the legs are down, and the company’s doing some work on the legs, some winterization.”


Morakis said the rig had also seen some stabilization issues with shifting sediment, and had been moved as a safety precaution.


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