Buccaneer to Solidify Drilling Mud in Kenai

Buccaneer Alaska has been approved by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation to start solidifying their drilling mud at a temporary facility in Kenai, since they won’t be able to use their normal option at the AIMM facility in North Kenai.


The AIMM facility is pursuing a permanent permit, but in the meantime, Buccaneer’s Bob Britch said they need a stop-gap solution.


Kenai City Council last night approved a special use permit for the oil company to solidify their waste at the Kenai Loop Pad #1 and use the KPB Landfill for disposal. The agreement has two contingencies: that Buccaneer construct a paved apron at the facility to protect the road from the increased truck traffic, and that soil testing be conducted at the completion of the temporary activities.


Councilman Brian Gabriel Sr. explained his concerns…


Cm. Gabriel: “With their special use permit over there, I think we want to just make sure that we can accommodate them and their operations here in Kenai, but at the same time, make sure we have some safeguards and monitoring in place, so that the city’s interests are protected there also. And I have no question that they’re going to do a good job with their operation and they’re professionals and I’m glad to see them here in the city providing jobs and contributing to our economy.”


If there are any complications with the contingencies, the matter will be brought back to Council at their next meeting, but Buccaneer was quick to agree last night, saying the issue is extremely time-sensitive. Britch said they “need to drill two wells within the next six months.”

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