Buccaneer Receives Two Permits From DNR

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources has confirmed the approval of two permits for Buccaneer Energy’s Endeavour jack-up rig. We spoke with Clark Cox with the Division of Mining, Land and Water…


Cox: “So the permits that Buccaneer requested were for the storage or placement of the drill rig to be stored on state-owned tidal lands.”


Buccaneer requested two locations, one near Port Graham and the other in the Cosmopolitan drilling unit. Both were approved, and according to Cox, they were processed in a timely manner.


Cox: “Pretty routine, we’re 60 to 90 days usually for processing these files and I would say they fell right in that time range there. There’s always a little bit of extra time to get the deliverables back once we do our notice, write up our decision, and then get, I’m sorry, get the comments back, write up a decision and get the devlierables back from the applicant. So I think it might have taken a bit of time, but not out of the norm for the issuance of these permits.”

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