Buccaneer Files Counterclaim in Ongoing Dispute with Archer Drilling

Buccaneer has lodged a multi-million dollar counterclaim against Archer Drilling.

As we’d first reported, Buccaneer in December of 2012 terminated Archer Drilling as the project manager of the modifications and repairs of the Endeavour jack- up rig.

Archer Drilling has filed a lawsuit in late December 2012 for what they are calling breach of contract over the $100 million agreement to operate rig.

Archer is also seeking $6 million worth of back payments for services and expenses incurred while working on the rig in Homer.


Today, Buccaneer filed a counterclaim in the District Court of Harris County Texas against Archer Drilling for conversion, fraud, and interference in contracts relating to the damages sustained by the Buccaneer, and the Buccaneer’s wholly owned subsidiary Kenai Drilling, LLC among others.


Jay Morakis with Buccaneer told us that the counterclaim outlines the damages caused by Archer Drilling’s misrepresentations, misconduct, and delays resulting millions of dollars of damage, including but not limited to the loss of up to $30.0 million in revenue to Kenai Drilling because of the inability to use the Endeavour to undertake drilling operations within the Cook Inlet basin.


Kenai Offshore is in the process of preparing its own counterclaim against Archer Drilling for damages.

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