Brown Insurance On Obamacare Today At Chamber Luncheon

More and more people are signing up for the Affordable Care Act also known as “Obamacare”, and of course with that comes more and more confusion about the ins about outs of this process and how this whole thing works.


Today, Doug Brown of Brown Agency Insurance, went through most of the big stipulations of the new healthcare system.


Brown: “Everybody is going to be a little different in their needs and how they deal with it, so we’re offering ourselves up for that.


Brown also surprisingly outlined many positive aspects of the Affordable Care Act.


Brown: “There’s been a lot of negative and there are a lot of things about the Affordable Care Act that I don’t think are very good but there’s positive aspects of it too. I guess the most positive of all of them is peoples ability to buy insurance where they couldn’t before, all of the problems with the roll out on it are just things that are going to have to be dealt with going forward. It is the law and we gotta deal with it.”


Additionally tonight starting at 5:00 pm at the Kenai Chamber of Commerce, Tina Wegener with Peninsula Community Health Services will be heading a presentation on how to purchase healthcare for yourself using the website.


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