Brown Bears Reported Withing Kenai City Limits

Posted: June 25, 2013 at 5:04 pm

Following numerous reports last weekend of Brown Bears along K-Beach Road, Lt. Dave Ross with the Kenai Police Department said it’s imperative all local residents keep trash and animals secured.


Lt. Ross: “We had reports of a sow and a couple cubs, in fact, an officer saw them as well, in the 3 W subdivision area last night, and in the Valhalla subdivision, the Thompson Park area. Today, we’ve been getting multiple reports of them or another sow and two cubs in the area of Rogers Rd and Lawton Dr and Walker Lane. Several people have seen them and called us with regard to those bears.” 

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One Comment to “Brown Bears Reported Withing Kenai City Limits”

  • Pauline Morisoli says:

    Watch out for those mama bears, they are busy grocery shopping for those little ones this time of year.