Brown Bear Season to Open Late October



With the season hunting road, Mystery Creek Road, open once again, we checked in with Jeff Selinger at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game about which hunting seasons are open, or will be open soon.



Selinger: “Well black bear season is open year-round. You’re allowed three bears per regulatory year, so there is no, essentially no closed season on black bears or season dates. 

Brown bear season is again starting October 25th, both the registration hunt and the drawing hunt will reopen for brown bears on the Kenai Peninsula.”


Selinger said that while the seasons will both be open soon, the ADFG is encouraging hunters to be selective about the animals they take.



Selinger: “And we’re trying to focus that harvest mainly on males. So we would ask people to maybe be a little bit more selective if they can and try to harvest male bears. On that end, if they would like to, we do have some videos available, some DVDs that people can check out and it’s called ‘Take a Closer Look’ and it’ll help people learn a little bit more about identifying bears in the field.”

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