Brown Bear Regs Won’t Take Effect Until Next Spring

Although brown bear hunting regulations were changed at the recent Board of Game meetings in Kenai, Jeff Selinger with ADF&G said the new regulations don’t take effect until July 1st.


Selinger: “So currently there is no spring brown bear season, other than the people who had drawing permits and this is the last of the drawing permits that will be issued.”


Selinger said he’s been getting phone calls almost daily from hunters eager to bag their first bruin.


Selinger: “For years we’ve been trying to work to increase bear hunting opportunities on the Kenai and now we’ve got some extra opportunity and I think people are eager to take advantage of it.” 


The Brown Bear season will run Sept. 1 through May 31. For more, read: Board of Game Chair Outlines Kenai Peninsula Bear and Moose Changes.

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