Two-Vehicle Accident on K-Beach

A pickup truck and a medium-size SUV, similar to a crossover, have been involved in a t-bone accident around Mile 18 of K-Beach Rd.


CES Safety Officer, Brad Nelson…


Nelson: “We had a two-vehicle accident, right there by Murwood, at Mile 18 of K-Beach. Two-vehicle accident. We’re going to have minor injuries, one person from each vehicle have been transported to CPH with not-life threatening injuries. The road is going to be clogged up for a little bit while AST investigates and gets the scene clear – both vehicles are going to require tow-trucks. The area has got snow on the road, so if people are going to be driving K-Beach they should definitely slow down and be aware there are going to be emergency vehicles there in that area.”


The ages and genders of the individuals involved are not known at this time.

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