KSRM Easter Egg Found

photo (1)The KSRM Easter Egg was found today at the Soldotna Skate Park, hidden in a post.


The winners were Michelle Muller and Renee Gagnon.


Gagnon took today (Friday) off work to search with her sister-in-law. She said they’ve been within striking distance of the egg in past years, but this time they were the only ones searching at the park. The sisters-in-law decoded the clues, finding street names buried in the cryptic puzzles, and looking in hard-to reach places.


Muller eventually struck the sweet spot inside a signpost…


Muller: “Well, at first I saw a black box, and we knew it was in a black box in a pole, so I got a stick and pushed the box up, and then I called her [Gagnon], because she was on the other side, to let her know that I found it, even though I hadn’t opened the box yet. So then I opened the box, and there was nothing in there. Yes. And then I looked in the other pole and there was another box, so of course I got a stick and broke a bunch of them in order to get the box out, and then I shook it, and then we started screaming, because we knew the egg was in there.”


Muller said she had to feel for the egg container, since the little black boxes were hidden by leaves.


Inside the box was a small purple egg. Muller’s son, Kruize Livingston, describe the unusual contents…


Livingston: “A dime. A penny. Piece of tape. Something fuzzy. Eraser.”


Gagnon and Muller turned the special contents in for a $2,000 cash prize, which they’ll split. Gagnon’s daughter Jillian, said she was looking forward to settling some debts…


Gagnon: “My mom owes me ten bucks.”


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