Freezing Rains Possible Tonight With Snow Expected

DOT and the Alaska State Troopers are reporting icy and dangerous road conditions in the sterling highway between Sterling and Cooper Landing and reported incidents of sliding vehicles up Jean Lake Hill.


Sanding trucks have been dispatched to those areas, but travel is advised.


Freezing rain is expected tonight but temperatures may warm up over the evening followed by snow early tomorrow.


We spoke to Meteorologist Bill Ludwig with the National Weather Service in Anchorage.


Ludwig: “We’re expecting it to warm up later, there might be a little bit of freezing rain while you still have the lower temperatures but the temperatures should come up a little this evening above freezing and you’ll get some rainfall across the Kenai which should last into tomorrow which tomorrow will probably switch over to snow tomorrow in the afternoon.”


We would like to remind everyone to drive safely this evening as freezing rains are still a possibility, no further accidents from icy roads were reported this evening.

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