Disturbance in Kasilof, Tustamena Locks Doors

Troopers responded to an incident in Kasilof this morning involving a weapon, which resulted in the arrest of 40 year-old Brian Henry of Kasilof.


The Trooper SERT team responded to the Kasilof area around 9 am and Henry has been arrested for Domestic Violence Assault in the 3rd degree.


Megan Peters with AST…


Peters: “This morning at about 8:55 we got a call about a disturbance involving a weapon. Troopers responded out there. Ultimately, they  did do a SERT page and called out SERT members to go to the incident. The active incident itself is over. We have one person detained and Troopers are continuing the investigation into that incident. The disturbance was about three miles away from one of the schools and we did notify the school district that we were operating in the area.”


Kenai Peninsula School District Communications Specialist Pegge Erkeneff said the Troopers notified Tustamena Elementary due to the proximity of the event.


Erkeneff: “Tustamena was not in lockdown at any time. As a precaution, our principal did lock the front door, and at this time the Troopers have notified the school that everything’s been taken care of and everything’s totally normal and the students knew nothing.”


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