Disturbance in Kasilof, Tustamena Locks Doors

Posted: February 13, 2014 at 10:59 am

Troopers responded to an incident in Kasilof this morning involving a weapon, which resulted in the arrest of 40 year-old Brian Henry of Kasilof.


The Trooper SERT team responded to the Kasilof area around 9 am and Henry has been arrested for Domestic Violence Assault in the 3rd degree.


Megan Peters with AST…


Peters: “This morning at about 8:55 we got a call about a disturbance involving a weapon. Troopers responded out there. Ultimately, they  did do a SERT page and called out SERT members to go to the incident. The active incident itself is over. We have one person detained and Troopers are continuing the investigation into that incident. The disturbance was about three miles away from one of the schools and we did notify the school district that we were operating in the area.”


Kenai Peninsula School District Communications Specialist Pegge Erkeneff said the Troopers notified Tustamena Elementary due to the proximity of the event.


Erkeneff: “Tustamena was not in lockdown at any time. As a precaution, our principal did lock the front door, and at this time the Troopers have notified the school that everything’s been taken care of and everything’s totally normal and the students knew nothing.”


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17 Comments to “Disturbance in Kasilof, Tustamena Locks Doors”

  • Ed M says:

    So they called the school to tell them they (the Troopers) were operating in the area!!! What danger is there to the school? Scare everyone you can then your in total control….What an America we have today….Happy to hear they got there Man with a disturbing Gun! More to the story to come folks!!!

  • Ed M says:

    “They know nothing”

  • Sara says:

    Ed, they always notify schools in the area where there is potential danger so they can lock down. The man could have easily left the location he was at and made it into the school to hurt someone else. It’s a protocol that’s been implemented for years. Maybe you should get your aluminum beanie adjusted.

  • JCF says:

    Yes, best to keep the schools in the dark when there is a violent incident involving a gun near the school. After all nobody ever shoots kids in school.

  • Ed M says:

    Jes, Sara what is with this prosecute the man or incident before the evidence is given. As far as notifying the schools I don’t have an issue with that, but” the tactic of scare everyone for control of the situation”.
    Well we can once again go over gun rights, there’s a ban within a mile of the schools I can live with that.
    My “beanie is well adjusted” to see how our Government acts in certain situations . This citizen is keenly aware of the ‘police state” we live in…. wake up!!
    What was wise was the principal made a cautious judgment and didn’t disrupt the whole school and the children. The next step for government would have been lockdown ensuing chaos!!

  • DRBW says:

    I would like to THANK Mr. Hayman at Tustumena Elem for locking the door!!! My child goes to that school, is IN school today, and I passed the string of 5 Trooper Vehicles headed out to the incident this morning! My heart sunk because I knew it was ‘larger’ than an accident on the highway. PLUS – I would also like to thank the Troopers for notifying the school of the POSSIBLE DANGER (to my child and MANY others) that was a couple miles away, which as we all know is a shorter distance if you scoot through the woods and stay off the roads when police are looking for you…. I’d rather be “scared” as was first implied here today than GRIEVING tonight and looking for someone to blame!!!

  • Steve Wright says:

    2/13/14 1st of All THANK YOU to the ALASKA STATE TROOPERS for a JOB WELL DONE.

    “Robo Call System” phone system that Troopers use to notify a Neighborhood that there is a Threat & a Danger within the Community. Yes this is a Very Good System & It Works. It has been used numerous times in the past. My Question is : WHY wasn’t the Robo Call system used this time in Kasilof ? That would save so much Worry & Stress & Frustration cuz they would be Kept Informed & actually Know What’s Happening within the Community. SPW

  • Good job on that Ed says:

    What Sara said… And they didn’t scare anyone. The students didn’t even know about it. Just a friendly heads up to the principal.

  • Gccd says:

    Ed you must not have kids or not like them if you do! Glad they took the steps to keep kids and teachers inside and safe and idiots out!

  • Former Student @ Soldotna High, and Tustumena says:

    I would like to comment and bring to everyones attention the time that a man in our community attempted to shoot others, and then ended up shooting himself at the Soldotna Hospital back in 2008 or 2009. I can not exactly remember. I was in school at Soldotna high school at that time, and our school was notified of the situation. The police station took all possible situations in to their decision on what that craze man could have been planning. Our school went into a lockdown, and us, the students at the time, took it as easily and smoothly as it was just a drill. The schools practice lockdowns very frequently. The fact that the school was notified was a great move by the police station. And I agree with the principal doing the correct thing on locking the door of the school. I am glad to see that the lock down practice can work very well in the schools.

  • Jeanne says:

    If they had made it to the school or near it and someone hurt guess who would have been screaming about not being notified? Suing even. It doesn’t matter what they do, some bored person will complain.

  • Ed M says:

    Good , I do have CHILDERN and love them dearly as I do all of God’s human beings! Idiots all !! Even the scaredy-cats. The AST did do a great job today and anyone that heard or were told about today would agree with me. Everyone is safe thank God…..

  • Tundradirt says:

    Right on Ed M they just want everyone to get used to lock down.So later when they come to take our guns the sheeple
    Will just submit. Oh yeah they are going to go to the school yeah that’s what’s on their mind.GIVEME A BREAK!
    Go to California where that thinking is the norm!

  • Sara says:

    I am confused. Did the Troopers do a good job keeping the community safe or did they do a good job scaring everyone into submission, Ed? Your statements are very two way.

    And tundra, you’re right, we should all move to California, cause school shootings don’t happen in Alaska. In Bethel. In 1997. By guys named Evan Ramsey. Who killed two people. And injured two others. Or stabbings at a school, that’s never happened either. In Anchorage. In 2001. By guys named Jason Pritchard. Who injured 4. We are just sheeple bleating for our next taste of government BS.

    Can you guys provide the militia’s number, please, so the next time there’s a dangerous person with a gun (of which I have many, so get off the anti-gun rhetoric) YOU guys can make a quick and organized response? By the way, when you do respond, call the school, but tell them not to lock down because there’s no reason to, it’s only in California that dangerous stuff happens in schools. Or perhaps we can see if troopers will change their policies and notify schools in a dangerous area, but only gently suggest they lock their doors to keep a potential whacko from easy hostages. Maybe with a pretty please thrown in?

    Have a wonderful, mysterious black helicopter in the yard free day everyone!

  • Steve Wright says:

    WoW ! Great Point made there Sara ! Where is the phone number for the Militia so they can Respond Immediately to Emergency Situations in a Timely manner.

    What Say You on this idea ? Hire Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans to provide Security at Our Schools.

    With the proper screening, vetting, Training & Supervision these American Warriors would provide excellent Security & Keep Our Students SAFE.


  • Sara says:

    Steve, I love the idea. We couldn’t did more qualified, upstanding men and women to do so.

  • Steve Wright says:

    Sat 2/15/14 Practice, Practice, Practice then Practice some more. Our Local Schools can Evacuate a entire School in less than 3 minutes during a Fire Drill. 100′s of Students & Staff already know exactly what to do & what is expected of them. WHY ? Repeated Practice each & every month Fire Drills are required. No One whines & complains. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. The Students & Staff accept this responsibility.

    School Lock-Down Procedures need the same level of Practice & Responsibility. The Students & Staff already Know & Understand WHY this Training is necessary. They want this Practice to happen. This Practice & Training can SAVE LIVES. SPW