Carbon Monoxide Leak at Wilderness Way



Central Emergency Services were called to a suspected Carbon Monoxide leak at Wilderness Way in Soldotna. We spoke with Captain Jack Anderson on scene…



Cpt. Anderson: “We were called to the Wilderness Way building here in the Safeway parking lot for two sick individuals and a CO detector in the building going off. When we arrived, we met the two individuals outside, and we established our medical assessment with them and discovered they had high levels of CO in their bloodstream, so we transported two people to the hospital and on investigation in the building, we found levels of CO in the 200 to 300 parts per million range. So we’ve shut the gas off to the building, we have Enstar on scene and we’ve ventilated the building now.”


Captain Anderson said Enstar would investigate the source of the leak, but there’s no immediate danger to any surrounding buildings.



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