Attempted Armed Robbery At Soldotna Wells Fargo

Reports came in at roughly 5:45 pm of a possible armed robbery in progress at Wells Fargo in Soldotna, as of now the perpetrator has been apprehended and no injuries were reported.


We received a report that Sen. Peter Micciche was actually inside the bank at the time of the attempted robbery.


Upon contacting Sen. Micciche he had these details.


Micciche: “I walked out of the bank to armed officers, Soldotna Police and State Troopers, approaching the bank all the exits were sealed. All the exits were sealed and a lot of us in the bank didn’t realize that something was going on, apparently the perpetrator handed a note to the tellers, I did notice a gentleman in the chairs away from the tellers and apparently that was the individual so for those of us in the bank we had no idea that a robbery was occurring until we exited the building and we were all interviewed upon leaving the bank .”


Micciche said law enforcement response was swift and effective.


Micciche: “We very much appreciate the response, the response was immediate from the Soldotna Police and State Troopers it was handled very professionally and without incident to those who were just innocently depositing some checks on a Friday afternoon.”


Witnesses on the inside of the branch suggested that a gentleman had entered the bank, taken a seat and may have made some comments to a bank employee that may have indicated some sort of an attempt of a bank robbery.


The Wells Fargo Employee put a call out, using their silent alarm, and police dispatched and took the man into custody.


We will continue to update this story as more details are known.

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