2013 KSRM Easter Egg Found

Two local residents are $2000 richer after finding the 2013 KSRM Easter Egg.


Jackson: “So, I went over there and looked at it, I got a stick because the one clue said that it was up high, reaching up high, so I kind of dug an area, and I didn’t see anything. I walked around the tree almost gave up, then I poked the stick up there one more time, and I saw the purple.”


KSRM Radio Group Program Director Jake Thompson asked Suzanne Jackson and Sandy Wilson, the proverbial $2000 question, where was the egg…


Jackson: “It was in the park on South Forest”

Thompson: “The park on South Forest, I looked there! No I did not, the park on South Forest, were there a lot of people around that area?

Jackson: “There was, when I went back today there was a few, but during the week….we were there all week.”


The two had won the Easter Egg Hunt two times before.

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