Break In At Sterling Residence

Posted: December 20, 2013 at 9:31 am

Last Tuesday, State Troopers responded to a report of a break in at a seasonal residence in Sterling.


AST found $1,000 damage to the window, door and garage door.


$1,500 worth of miscellaneous items were reported stolen, including 8 fishing poles, 8 reels, misc. other fishing gear, various tools and a pellet gun.


Megan Peters with the Alaska State Troopers said this is an unfortunately common phenomenal at certain times each year…


Peters: “Any time we have a change of season, or when there’s one time of year when you do one specific thing, for example, changing your tires over. You have four tires, you put them in your shed, you never go to your shed for any other reason, and then when you go to change your tires back out, you find that your property’s been burglarized. A really good way to increase your chances of potentially getting your property back, or to keep people away from your property is have more activity around it. Make sure you check on it once a week, and that way if you do find something missing, it’s a week time frame that law enforcement can focus on and potentially identify a suspect or find your property, instead of something like a three-month period.”


Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call the Alaska State Troopers at 262-4453 or make an anonymous tip to Peninsula Crimestoppers at 283-8477.

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5 Comments to “Break In At Sterling Residence”

  • Joe says:

    The troopers rarely ever apprehend these criminals. We need some real law enforcement investigators here on the Peninsula. Criminal activity has gotten out of hand and they never catch thieves! The troopers sit in their vehicles and watch for DUI suspects…………..these are easy to spot and easy to arrest. Difficult criminal cases are not addressed by the troopers!

  • Mike says:

    It’s the same people over and over agin, it’s the meth heads and dopers who are taking over the peninsula. They just keep getting out of jail and they need to support a $500 a day drug habbit so they are on a constant hunt for stuff to steal and trade for dope. Just start shooting these a-holes and their numbers will dwindle

  • Josh says:

    If you are a citizen that rely’s on Troopers, or Police officers, then I feel bad for you. I think the best way to stop some thing like this is to be prepared, but then again, some people are just easy targets. Joe hit the nail on the head, unless your driving around impaired or arguing with your wife, you probably wont be talking to a trooper or cop. They have become complacent with there DUI numbers and petty DV’s. Sure they harass the “Druggies”, but thats not the answer to stopping the theft problem. The problem has drifted into a much darker area, and ask yourself this, when some one kicks down your door in the night, are you going to call the cops or grab your gun. I guess I’m just not one of those people that think troopers or police officers are the answer to help.

  • Pete says:

    We need a Sheriff department in Alaska! Not that I would depend on them anyway, if someone kicked my door in! Well, maybe for them to remove the body before the blood reached the carpet. Just sayin’!

  • Sam Stine says:

    It’s always funny to hear libertarian/anarchists scream about how we need more law enforcement.