Bouncing Dip Net Checks a Concern for Kenai

While the trash left on Kenai beaches this year has been much better than in the past, Kenai Finance Director Terry Eubank says there’s something else that stinks at the dip net fishery…


Eubank: “We did have a number of cases where people would issue checks to us, and then when we would deposit them, they would be returned to us, not as non-sufficient funds, but as stopped payment, meaning the owner of that account initiated a stop payment on the check through their bank. These people are intentionally stopping payment on our fees.”


Eubank said they haven’t tallied the exact figures, but the volume of stopped checks this year was higher than in the past, and there will be changes.


Eubank: “This year we have started accepting credit card payments for those fees, and with cash and credit card payments being accepted for those fees, it looks like in the future we’re going to recommend to the City Council to no longer accept checks for dip net fees.”


City Council members were initially shocked to hear of the ongoing problem.

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