Borough To Address Ordinances Accepting Grants From Legislature

With several ordinances accepting grant money from the state legislature budget, those ordinances will be heard tonight at The Borough Assembly Meeting.


We spoke with Borough Mayor Mike Navarre about money appropriated from the Borough budget for a new IT department.



Navarre: “The money was budgeted in our budget this year but we’re appropriating specifically to a project to renovate the IT department in the borough, its located on the ground floor it doesn’t have any windows so it doesn’t have any natural light coming in and the ventilation is pretty bad. Portions of the building have been renovated over the years including the assessing department and the finance department so this is just an ongoing part of renovating small portions of the building.”



Navarre said there is a larger appropriation being introduced for the hospital.



Navarre: “We also have an appropriation on there for a $1.6 million¬†appropriation¬†from the hospital plant replacement fund its to replace a CT scanner at Central Peninsula Hospital, the CT scanner they have currently has had a lot of break downs, its at the end of its useful life and its something that really requires a 7-10 year time frame to be replaced and its time for that replacement so we’re introducing that.”


That meeting is tonight at 6:00 pm in the assembly chambers in the Borough Administration Building in Soldotna.

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