Borough Streams Task Force to take Amendments on the Road

Posted: February 25, 2013 at 6:00 am

The Borough’s Anadromous Stream Habitat Protection Task Force met last week, and voted on a number of proposed amendments on the controversial ordinance. We asked Borough Chief of Staff, and Task Force facilitator,  Paul Ostrander what the next step in the process is…


Ostrander: “We’re going to take the preliminary recommendations out to the town hall meetings, right now, there’s three scheduled, one in Anchor Point, one in Moose Pass, and one in Nikiski. Then the task force will take all that testimony, and then have, we’re planning one more task force meeting where we’ll consider the public testimony that was given, and use that public testimony to make a final recommendation that will go to to the administration and assembly. So there will be one more task force, last one in this format, the last one is really just to consider public testimony.”

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One Comment to “Borough Streams Task Force to take Amendments on the Road”

  • Ed says:

    It was my understanding that the task force’s mission was to research facts and report to the Mayors office not gather “anecdotal evidence” from the public then use it to support there research!! Quite often the public information can be emotional and not factual besides there body is only advisory. Why would the public testify to a body like that? Pretty phony way to justify there position,,,,,