Borough Says Local Flood Waters Receding

Flood waters are receding along the Kenai River after several areas hit minor flood stage last weekend. Scott Walden, Director of Emergency Management with the Kenai Peninsula Borough…


Walden: “Towards the end of that last weather front that came through, we had a meeting with the Weather Service, who gave us some predictions on the one that subsequently came through over the weekend, which was pretty minor compared to the one the week before. But what we did watch very closely was the levels on the Kenai River from Cooper Landing, all the way down to the mouth of the river. of course, the water did get pretty close to the road up in the Cooper Landing area. It did reach the minor flood stage in most areas, as the Weather Service and River Watch people predicted, and over the weekend, this weekend, and as far as this morning, it’s dropped down and continues to drop below the minor action stage.”


While most of the river has been given the ‘all clear,’ Walden said they’re still monitoring some areas…


Walden: “On the Kenai River, mainly down below Skilak Lake, for example, but those things seem to be also on the downward side right now, and if we expect any adverse weather within the next four to five days, the Weather Service and the River Watch people have been very good about calling us to give us a heads up as to what we should expect.”

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