Borough Passes Hundreds of Thousands in Appropriations

Last night, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly appropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars for local projects, including $1,630,000 from the Central Peninsula Hospital Plant Replacement and Expansion Fund for Purchase of a Replacement CT Scanner.


CPH CEO Rick Davis…


Davis: “Our existing CAT Scanner is approaching end-of-life and is experiencing reliability problems. We hoped to hold out until the new cancer center and medical office building project was completed and put a second CT in that building, but recent equipment breakdowns have made it clear that we can’t wait that long.”


Davis said the old scanner will be kept as a back-up.


The Assembly also appropriated $300,000 for remodeling the Borough’s IT Department. Mayor Mike Navarre explains…


Navarre: “The money was budgeted in our budget this year but we’re appropriating specifically to a project to renovate the IT department in the borough, its located on the ground floor it doesn’t have any windows so it doesn’t have any natural light coming in and the ventilation is pretty bad. Portions of the building have been renovated over the years including the assessing department and the finance department so this is just an ongoing part of renovating small portions of the building.”


The September 17th Assembly meeting will be held in Homer. That will be the last Assembly meeting before the October 1 elections.

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