Borough Mayor Outlines Borough Position, Budget Process

At the Soldotna/Kenai joint Chamber of Commerce Luncheon today, Borough Mayor Mike Navarre gave an overview of the Kenai Peninsula Borough’s current operations. Among the topics included the new budget process, which has just been started…


Navarre: “We’re really just in the starting stages and we look at last year’s budget, we meet with the Departments and go through what their needs are or where they’ve seen additional pressures or maybe additional funding needs, and then we meet with the Service Areas. They have Service Area Boards that meet on their budgets, make recommendations, we go through that, put it all together and then present it to the Assembly. So we’re really just at the starting stages of that, and over the next couple of months we’ll be putting it all together, analyzing it, and making a recommendation to the Assembly, and then they’ll start the process of having hearings on the budget.”


The Borough Mayor confirmed that healthcare will be a major portion of the budget as he seeks to ensure all KPB residents have access and coverage for what he calls “the most important thing we have in our lives, making sure we’re healthy.”

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