Borough Mayor Checking Next Steps in Flooding

Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Mike Navarre met with the Department of Natural Resources and a hydrologist to follow up on the flooding that took place on K-Beach last fall which was declared a major disaster in the state of Alaska.


Navarre said that the meeting went over what the next steps will be in the process.


Navarre: ” We’re going to put some information together and try to get some additional studies, or maybe not studies but some additional funding to do some monitoring wells so that we know what’s happening because we need to know that first before we say this is the action that needs to be taken.”


The Mayor said that although ditching and other ideas have been raised, there is no simple solution because of they still don’t know what caused it.


Navarre: “Because it was different last year than we had ever seen  before in that area we don’t know if it’s something thats going to continue to occur in that fashion or if it was an anomaly because of a variety of  contributing factors like water tables being recharged and unnaturally high snow load and rain fall over the last several years.”

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