Borough Mayor Attending Initial LNG Meeting

This afternoon Borough Mayor Mike Navarre will attend the first Alaska LNG Project meeting with other affected borough representatives in Anchorage.


Mayor Navarre said this is the group that Governor Sean Parnell appointed as part of Senate Bill 138.


Navarre: “One of the things I’m interested in is exactly just what kind of information we’re going to have access to and just what the purpose is going to be from this advisory group, obviously the legislation that’s going to be introduced next year will have profound effects on the Kenai Peninsula Borough and the state of Alaska and so municipal governments are paying attention and we want to make sure that we can weigh in and influence the decisions on behalf of our residents and tax payers.” 


He added that he wants to make sure that those effects that will be seen are paid for through the project.


Navarre: “That’s the biggest concern is we don’t want to have a project that we are subsidizing with local taxes on residents.”

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