Borough Looks to Take Over Dispatch Employment

The 911 Dispatch Center in Soldotna acts as a multi-use hotline for local emergencies, fielding calls for State Troopers and local agencies.


Due to the variety of calls received, the Center has state and borough employees, but Borough Mayor Mike Navarre it gets complicated when employees are paid at different rates and have different definitions of a full work week. So, the Assembly took up an ordinance at this week’s meeting to streamline the process…


KPB Mayor Navarre: “We’ve been negotiating with the Department of Public Safety on the Dispatch Center in Soldotna. Half the employees there are State employees, half are Borough employees and there are some issues that have come about as a result of that, so we have been negotiating with the Department of Public Safety about having the state pay the borough and then we would employee the folks at the center, and we have been negotiating on that for a while. And that was up before the Assembly at public hearing, and we asked them to delay it, because there are still some outstanding issues that are unresolved, and hopefully we’ll find a way to reach agreement, and if not, we won’t go forward with it.”


The change could save the Borough around $100,000 in overtime expenses.

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