Borough Looks at Next Steps for K-Beach Flooding

The Kenai Peninsula Borough looked at an ordinance which starts the next steps forward in the K-Beach Road flooding.


Mayor Mike Navarre told us about the ordinance.


Navarre: “What we’ve done tonight is we have an appropriating ordinance, that just allows us to accept the funds for reimbursment for some of the costs to our roads, the damage to our roads and also to put in some improvements some culverts and things like that in certain areas where we can identify that as something that will help alleviate the situation.”


It was also stated at the meeting that some of the studies may take years to complete.


Navarre: “A couple of the hydrologists that we met with and some of the expertise we had from DNR and the watershed forum and talking about in a area like that in order to determine the hydrology and the geology and things like that, what’s happening and where its happening before you can properly design a system it takes a long time to gather that data because its changing conditions for a variety of reasons including rain fall and snow load and development, and of course its a wetlands area.” 

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