Borough Floodplain Management Recently Reviewed

The Kenai Peninsula Borough has completed its annual review of the borough’s floodplain management program.

Dan Bevington is with the Kenai River Center….


Bevington: “Our annual review is required under the community rating system which is FEMA’s means of looking at participating communities to make sure that those programs are being accomplished in a way that is consistent with the national flood insurance program. So part of the discussion with the annual report is speaking with the assembly , and also getting the words out to the public though the assembly meeting process. So every year it’s nice to be reminded of our place as a borough in the national flood insurance program.”


Bevington did say that following a number of flooding disasters in the “lower-48” congress enacted changes…


Bevington: “Congress is requiring that FEMA reduce it’s loss exposure, so FEMA is required repay its bank  book, if you will, in a shorter period of time. Also this act, requires mortgage lender to make sure that all mortgages that are provided for properties within the floodplain, are compliant with the national flood insurance program. Otherwise, those mortgage lenders will get a pretty significant fine.”



Bevington did say that the “message of the year” for the Kenai Peninsula Borough is that we all need to work together

to help assure the safety and well-being of our communities.

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